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Can you believe it’s been a whole year of Sixty Kitchen?


I know I can’t.


On June 7th last year we “opened the doors” (although we still don’t let anyone in) and started on this amazing journey.


It's impossible to describe how proud I am of were we are now, but to do so is to admit we haven’t always got it right.


A years’ worth of lessons have been learnt, a years’ worth of development has been done, and the whole team have had 12 months’ worth of not only learning the “Sixty” way, but also contributing to what that is.

Chloe, Scott and John make up the best driver team in the land and have all been here since day one.

Olle, Jordan and Will in the kitchen have all been fundamental in the success so far, and we have now added one of my former Alumni in, Nathan, who I know is going to push us to the next Level. 

So we had to make sure this was our best menu yet, that showcased all the things we have learnt, and sets the tone for the next 12 months.


CHilli chicken pancakes


Who knew crispy pancakes would be our most highly regarded starter when we set out?

Certainly not me which is why it was 8 months until they found their way onto the menu.

A traditional Wonton recipe is given the “Sixty” treatment, and hand chopped chicken thigh is combined with our signature chilli and garlic oil.

All encased in gyoza pastry and deep fried to perfection, these pancakes are stuffed to the brim with both filling and flavour

And in the words of our Marketing guy


“these are the ******* ******-******* best ******* things I’ve ******* ever ******* eaten”



sticky plum ribs

For our Birthday it had to be ribs, and it had to be Sticky Plum.


One of our favourite creations of the last 12 Months, our traditional sweet chilli sauce is taken into the stratosphere when combined with roasted plums.


As always coating our meaty pork ribs, cooked low and slow so that the meat is clinging onto the bone by its fingertips.



crispy chicken curry

This is what we think we do best; a Chinese chip shop classic, just taken to the next level.

Only ever fresh chicken breast from our esteemed butcher is butterflied then dipped in egg, then breadcrumbs, and fried up into the most perfect, golden of Nuggets, thinly sliced for your pleasure.

 Next a curry sauce that was 12 months in the making, the bane of my life, but that we think we have finally perfected (and that is so good were sending out an extra pot to everyone), finish it with some fresh vegetables and sit the Chicken atop...

Waga who?


char siu pork

This is my redemption dish...

A years’ worth of lessons learned have gone into this dish.

First on the menu in July of last year, when we were still working out what a “sixty” dish was, it never quite hit the heights we expected, so we went away and put in the work, and we worked, and we wok’d.

And now…

My God,

Not only do I think its better, I think it could well be the best Main Course we have done.

Pork Shoulder, marinated for 48 hours then charred on the grill, thinly sliced and tossed through wok fried cabbage, to be finished with a dash more of that sticky BBQ sauce, this dish is a star, and encapsulates how far we have come as a Kitchen.


Sixty Seasoned Chips + Special Fried Rice.

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