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lazy duck pancakes


How have we gone 11 months, without doing duck pancakes???

I have finally submitted to peer pressure and put this absolute staple on our menu for April.

But serving some deep fried leg, with a plastic bag of microwaved pancakes was never going to be good enough for us.

So we do the hard work, confit duck leg is pulled down and mixed with hoi sin and spring onions, wrapped and crisped up, before being topped with cured cucumber.

It took a while, but these are worth the wait.



bbq pork ribs

Guess who's back...


back again...

Fermented Chilli / Brown Sugar / Chunky Ribs.

There will be no spare ribs at Sixty!



sweet chilli chicken 

Breaded Chicken breast, dusted in sweet and smokey paprika, sitting on a bed of Sweet Chilli glazed Pak Choi, Beansprouts and Red Onion.


Little bit of spice,

little bit of crunch,

little bit of Zing,


Big bit of flavour.


Singapore pork


Chip shop curry meets sixty kitchen.


A 5 spice based curry thickly coats slow cooked pork shoulder in Chef Jons favourite dish since we opened.


Make your own curry half n half when smothered on our signature rice and chips...

*chefs kiss*

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