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Chicken Wontons


Its cold, its wet, its miserable, and we all need a little warming up right now.


Roasted chilli and garlic, folded through chopped chicken, and wrapped in wonton pastry.


Fried until crispy and served with a pot of smoky chilli oil for an extra kick.



Hoi Sin Ribs


If you don’t know me by now...


Sweet, sticky, meaty, ribby.


Classic sauce paired with our iconic ribs.


Garnished with spring onion and sesame for a touch of freshness and crunch.



Char Siu pork 


A chippy staple reimagined into a Sixty Classic.


Slow roast Pork shoulder is shredded and pressed, diced and fried and coated in the most audacious of Char Siu Sauces.


Everything you love about Char Siu but with melt in the mouth pork and no red food colouring.



Kung Pao chicken


Its my birthday this month, so there was no way I wasn’t putting my favourite dish back on the menu.


For sure I will be having a Sixty Birthday tea.


Roasted Chilli, Garlic, Tomato, Soy and a blend of herbs n’ spices, combine for a sauce that is light and punchy, fiery and rich.


Coating chargrilled Chicken and Spring Onions... Chefs Kiss.

Only available via the Sixty Kitchen app until the end of february

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