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salt and pepper chicken

Salt & Pepper Chicken 2.0, its bigger, its better, its back.


4 Months away have allowed us to perfect the coating (who knew dehydrated  red peppers were the answer), and return to the menu probably our most requested dish.



chilli plum ribs

If you love our ribs (you do) and if you love our chilli plum sauce (you definitely do) , then this dish is pretty much a cheat code to customer satisfaction.


Extra meaty, extra sticky, extra delicious.



cantonese beef

In the words of our executive chef "14 years of work, around the country, for some of the countries leading chefs, eating in some of the worlds top restaurants have accumulated in the conception of this sauce".


We're not entirely sure what he's on about, but we do know this sauce is incredible, and when matched with braised beef shin is possibly our favourite ever main course.



teriyaki chicken and broccoli

Charred chicken thigh and broccoli, glazed in a sticky sweet soy sauce, and finished with fresh beansprouts, a dish that is both light and dark, sweet and salty, earthy and fresh.​

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