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Back for the third time, our comfortably most requested starter is welcomed back into the fold.

We know a Chinese Chippy in Liverpool is judged on the strength of its Salt & Pepper so I was locked in a room with nothing but a wok and a thousand cookbooks...


Eventually I emerged, clutching in my hands...


the perfect Salt & Pepper Chicken.

Soft yet crunchy chicken, Onion, Peppers, Garlic, Chilli, Perfection.

Plant-based alternative: Salt & Pepper Cauliflower.



"ok" ribs

At Sixty we always strive for excellence, but this month we have settled for just “OK”...


but only when it comes to our rib sauce.

OK was a staple at chippies when I was growing up - it doesn't seem to as popular now.


So we think it's time it was brought back into the spotlight,


especially after receiving a 'Sixty Kitchen Glow Up'.

This sauce, originally concocted in a converted swimming pool in Chelsea, was a fruit based brown sauce.


Even after falling out of favour on these shores, it has gone from strength to strength in its new adopted homeland of Asia.

Smothering our signature Meaty Ribs,

for a re-invented classic that is sweet, tangy, smoky and much more than just “OK”.

Plant-based alternative: "OK" Corn



general tso's chicken

We shipped it over the Atlantic as a starter,

but now here it is as a main!

Our marketing guys favourite dish,

and as much as I resent him on content days,

I have to agree this is one of the best sauces that we have done.


A Hoi Sin base is brightened up with rice vinegar, chilli and chicken stock - just sticky enough to bind together the BBQ chicken thighs, broccoli and onion.


A dish that is exciting on the palate from first spoon to the last lick of the plate.

Plant-based alternative: General Tso's Tofu


teriyaki beef

After days of testing every cut of Beef to be found, we still haven't found any that can hold as much flavour, and hold up in texture as well as Shin.

Cooked super low and slow until the meat slides off the bone, we then press and slice into the most delectable of slithers.

Glazed in our spiced teriyaki, sat upon a throne of charred green beans and crowned with crispy ginger onions, the king of the beefs is back in its biggest and best iteration.

Plant-based alternative: Teriyaki Courgette


Sixty Seasoned Chips

+ Special Fried Rice.

Plant-based options available on all menus.

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